Monday, February 14, 2011

Wedding DIY: Origami heart place cards

These simple, origami hearts make charming name cards for any wedding reception.  You can easily coordinate your wedding colors with a wide variety of origami paper, or cut your own squares.  Origami paper is thinner—which not only makes it easier to fold, but produces a very neat looking product when there are thicker folds.

To make the origami hearts, see tutorial by  Experiment with different sized paper to get your desired heart size.  Pictured above are hearts made with 15x15 cm squares. (5-7/8 inches)

After folding the hearts, write names and table numbers directly on the hearts, or print off stickers and place on hearts to label them.  Keep an origami theme to your wedding and provide guests with their own origami paper and instructions for making their own hearts!

Look for origami paper at Asian goods stores such as the Daiso store—a Japanese “dollar” store (where most items are $1.50—including packs of origami paper!)  

Have fun!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Many Faces of Al-bear

For the past two weeks, I have come home to my new bear dressed up in different outfits:

Toga Bear and Rock Star Bear


Lumberjack Bear and Incognito (?) Bear

He's so cute!!!! =)