Saturday, October 16, 2010

DIY Fish Centerpieces

A major chunk of any wedding budget often goes to the florist.  One cost-cutting measure is to simply order less flowers and go with a simple, elegant, and unique centerpiece.  A fish centerpiece is a simple DIY project that will make both your wallet and your creative side happy.

Basic Materials:
  •  A clear container: ex. a fish bowl or a large vase
  • Colored marbles or pebbles
  • Flowers
  • Fish
1. COLORS: Choose your materials in accordance with your wedding colors and your wedding theme in mind. For example, pick clear marbles if you have an elegant theme or river rocks for a more casual theme. A blue betta fish with a single orange Gerbera daisy accents a blue and orange wedding color scheme.

2. Assembly: - scatter marbles at the bottom of the container - fill with water - slip fish into the water - float flower at the top of the water

1. When choosing your fish, consider both their aesthetic appeal (color) and the care required. Bettas are a great choice because they are generally a very hardy fish--however, if you go with betta fish, make sure not to put two males in the same tank as they will fight and result in one dying!

2. What to do with the fish after the wedding? Don't flush them down the toilet! If you do not want to keep all the fish, consider giving them away as gifts to the guests. You could place a sticker at one place setting at each table to determine a "winner" of a fish. Another idea is to have a miniature scavenger hunt--make cards or use fish cut-outs and place them around the reception area. Anyone who finds a card wins a fish!

Have Fun!

*A special thanks to Jackie at Eleganza Intima who implemented our ideas for our wedding.  We couldn't have done it without her!


  1. If you think dead floating fish at a wedding is a good idea then go ahead and use live animals. You also can't buy them from any major pet store because they prohibit buying animals except for use as pets. The water needs to be adjusted before adding the fish to the water or else they will die within minutes. I am a wedding professional and I would never dream of doing something like this. BAD IDEA!

  2. Prolly cuz you're lame 8/
    -You can buy them from
    -I've seen this plenty of times before and the fish have never been dead
    -Guest LOVE them, especially when they win one (which I have before)
    -I'll be doing it at my own wedding in August
    -Go be a hater somewhere else 8)

  3. Horrid idea.
    Fish are very sensitive and suffer stress. A wedding is a horrid thought for them.
    Betta or Siamese fighting fish need a temperature of at least 24 degrees C.
    Bad, bad, bad idea !! I feel sorry for any poor fish that is purchased for the amusement of guests at a wedding. I love my fish !!