Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridal Shower Gift: DIY Apron

 This is another belated project post for an apron that I made during the summer for a very special friend! =)  When I first decided that I wanted to make an apron as a bridal shower present for Grace, I was instantly overwhelmed with just how many free apron patterns there are out there on the internet.  I spent so much time looking around and they all made me want to make dozens and dozens of different aprons.  (See 56 Free Apron Patterns just for a taste!)

I finally settled on using this Retro Apron Pattern, and just changed it a little by attaching the straps at the top (instead of the knots) and making a sash across the middle.  I also made the flounce a little longer so that it would have a little more bounce.  Now, I am by no means an accomplished seamstress but I think it came out all right considering I did it all by hand. I also never got around to adding pockets.  (Is that braggy?)

I LOVED the fabric when I saw it at the store because Grace has a cat and a dog, and her kitchen is red.  Since the fabric was so light, I layered another layer of fabric underneath.  The above pattern was a great one to use for layering lighter fabrics since the two layers get sewn together as you sew the double fold bias tape.

I've now also seen hostess aprons that look like fun dresses, and I would really like to make a dressy apron for fun.  Watch out, I may have a post for it soon.....

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