Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding DIY: CD Favors
 While we didn't get a chance to make them for our wedding, Al and I originally wanted to make CD favors for our guests.  I've always liked the idea of sharing playlists and exposing friends to new music, so a wedding CD favor would have been a great opportunity to do that!  (Unfortunately, we just ran out of time)

Resist the urge to make another romantic compilation that, in all honesty, may never even make it to the CD player (or iPod).  Think about making a playlist that you would listen to while doing something you and your fianc√© enjoy—if you love to travel, make a road trip mix.  Make a dance mix, a karaoke mix, a tailgating mix….you get the idea.

CD favors are incredibly budget friendly--spools of CD-Rs and printable labels make each favor cost very little.  You really just need the patience to burn each CD and to check to make sure each CD is burned properly.

Another fun part of CD favors comes with the packaging.  There are endless possibilities for how to present your CD favor, and here is just one simple way you can make a CD case with a piece of cardstock and a ribbon.  You can buy petal CD cases at the website above, or you can easily make your own.  (Please excuse the bland colors, they happened to be the only cardstock and thick ribbon I had available)

Petal CD Case:

- 12 X 12 cardstock
- scissors
- ribbon

1. Draw a 5x5 inch square in the middle of the piece of cardstock  This will be slightly larger than the size of the CD.

2. Mark 2.5 inches out from the center of each side.  This is how far each petal will extend.  Align the top of the curve of a CD to each mark and trace a curve from corner to corner.

3. There will be a slight gap from the edge of the CD to each corner (since the square is slightly larger than the CD).  Just sketch a smooth curve (or use a compass if you really want to be exact)

4.  Your cardstock will now have four semi circles around the 5x5 inch square.

5.  Cut out your case.  (trace on other sheets of cardstock if making multiple cases)

6.  Fold up the edges and place your CD inside.
 7. Overlap one side of each edge over the next to close the case.

 8. Press the edges down firmly to close.

9.  Secure with a ribbon or a sticker, personalize with your own tags or labels.

Have fun!

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