Saturday, November 6, 2010

Arroz con Pollo with Salsa Verde

Spanish Themed Dinner Night:


Instead of a whole chicken, I used 5 chicken legs because that was what was on sale and therefore in my fridge.  =)   I think I would continue to use chicken legs in the future since bone-in chicken breasts just take so long to finish cooking in the oven.  I also used canned tomatoes with green chilies because that was also in our pantry--I don't know if the green chilies made any difference, but it was delicious!  As usual with baked chicken recipes, I always have to bake the dish longer for the chicken to finish cooking.  This time, it took about 25 extra minutes.

For the salsa verde, I used a Bon Appetit recipe because I wanted to try a more authentic salsa verde recipe with tomatillos.  For the record, I used 4 jalapenos.

Lastly, I made the Spanish-style potato omelet in order to use up a lot of eggs that were sitting around in the fridge.  Instead of making the mayonnaise topping with the recipe, we just ate it with the extra salsa verde.

The full meal pictured above.  No, I am not a photographer.  No, I am not an iron chef (no plating points!).

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