Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY Wedding Guest Book - Stamped Tree Collage

Wedding guest books are so special to read and keep after the wedding--the only problem is that you have to take it out and actually take time to read it.  We have probably only read our guest book a couple times since our wedding just because it is usually boxed away with our other wedding memorabilia.  That's why I love the idea of turning your wedding guest book into a work of art.  Here's a wedding idea that you can hang up in our house and look at often.  Instead of signing a guest book, guests stamp and sign their names on a blank canvas to complete a picture.  Thanks to Esther and Joy for helping me with this project!

Materials: stiff posterboard or canvas,  leaf stamps, green inkpad, brown paint,  paint brush

1.     Paint the branches of a tree and letters onto the blank canvas with brown paint.  If you don’t want to free draw the tree, try this simple technique:

1. Print out a picture of a tree you want to trace and enlarge if necessary.  On the back of the paper, use a lead pencil to shade in areas of where the tree is printed on the front side.

2. Place the printed picture of the tree on top of your canvas and secure it with tape.  With a pencil or a ballpoint pen, trace the tree on the front side of the paper.

3. The shaded pencil on the back of the paper will make a carbon-like print onto the canvas.

4. Remove the paper and paint over the pencil lines on canvas.

5. You can repeat the above process to paint names on to the canvas.

On your wedding day, leave out stamp pads and leaf stamps for guests to stamp onto the tree.  Have guests sign their names on each leaf with a permanent marker.

-       If you are using a stretched canvas for your collage, stack a book or magazines underneath the canvas to fill in the empty space underneath the canvas.  This will help guests to stamp evenly onto the canvas.

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lego Place Cards

Lego Place Cards
Last November, I was unfortunately unable to attend the wedding of our close friends, Anjie and Preston.  It was, therefore, super exciting to hear about their wedding and all the cool things they did to make their wedding unique and special!  One thing Anjie and Preston told me about that I couldn't get out of my head was their use of Lego men for place cards, and I just had to make some for myself!  (Yes, Al's name is on there because he really wants to keep one of them =)

A quick trip to the Lego store revealed to me how fancy Legos are these days!  There are so many things you can add to Lego men--hats, facial hair, mohawks--I had to tear myself away from the store before I got caught up making too many variations.  If I were planning a small wedding and I knew each of my guests well, I would have a blast trying to make each Lego place card look like each guest.

I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory for how to make the flags.  Bamboo skewers that are used for kebabs and grilling are actually a perfect size for the Lego hands to hold.  I used a white gel pen because I like the way the white words pop on the colored cardstock, but of course there are countless variations on how to make the flags.

So cute!  Anjie and Preston also color coordinated their Lego blocks to indicate each guest's meal order at their wedding--yay for multi-tasking!

Have fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cardigans for Mom

This is a little belated, but I wanted to finally share December's completed projects!  After frantically knitting all night before Christmas, I was able to finish a cardigan for both my mom and Al's mom for Christmas.  I chose two patterns that were pretty easy to follow and didn't take as much time as the cabled pattern that I knit for Al last year.

I made this cardigan for my mom with a bamboo ewe yarn by Stitch Nation and followed the My Fair Cardi pattern.  I followed the instructions and measured my garment according to directions for a Medium sized cardigan, but it still turned out a lot smaller than I thought it would.  I don't know if it's just me, being an amateur knitter, or the pattern, but I have now mentally noted to take more notice of the size of the pieces as I knit them so I can adjust accordingly in the future.

I made this cardigan for Al's mom using a silky bamboo yarn by Naturally Caron and followed the Baton Rouge Cropped Jacket pattern.  I didn't realize until after I was nearly finished that I actually was using a different yarn than the one on the pattern (mine was spa, the yarn in the pattern was country).  I liked the pattern, but I wasn't a huge fan of the yarn.  The silky yarn was very soft, but it snagged easily (I have rough hands!) and was not woven very tightly, so my knitting needles often only picked up part of the strand.  (Again, that might just be because I'm just an amateur knitter!)

I can't wait until my next knitting projects, but it might have to wait awhile--my hands and wrists are still recovering!