Friday, September 4, 2009

New York Adventures

Yes! We are in the city! Al and I have only been here for two weeks now, and we still have so much more exploring to do. I thought I would relate two adventures, though, just because of their awesome-ness.

The day after we officially moved to New York, Al and I were watching Food Network. (what else is new?) On Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay competed against these two women who bake amazing chocolate chip cookies. They own a bakery in NYC, and so I was like--DUDE! We're here, we totally have to go! So on Monday, Al and I took our first trip on the subway to try to make our way to W 74th St. We learned what an express train is, and we learned that I need to look at the subway maps a lot more carefully.

Basically, after re-tracing our route on the subway TWICE, we finally made it our stop and found Levain Bakery. I was grumpy, tired, and hungry--but the reward was a HUGE and delicious chocolate chip cookie!

Next stop--the best place for a cheap cheap cheap cheap dinner--Wah Fung.

You can get a box FILLED with roast pork, duck, and rice for only 3.75!! I just had to show you the picture so you can see how much food it is. Al and I ate like kings for 7.50 last week. =) WIN!

I guess that's all for now! =) Come and visit us!

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