Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cross-Stitch Projects

Last spring and summer I did a lot of nothing while Al finished up his 1L year at NYU.  Well, a lot of nothing actually can be quite exhausting--I cooked, did laundry, watched youtube videos, and cross-stitched.  These are the two cross-stitch kits that I completed and I just love the summery feel of them!  I've also finished VERY few cross-stitch projects in the past, so I'm really happy to have completed these to the very end.  The kits are from Dimensions Crafts, and I will definitely do more in the future.  Cross-stitch kits have already come such a long way since the first one I received when I was 10!  They have presorted string, more elaborate designs, clearer instructions...haha I predict a very few people I know can actually appreciate this like me since you all lead more exciting lives than me =)

Seaside Cottages:

Cafe by the Sea:

I like the cafe picture especially because I think it would be so cool to have a cafe by the sea!


  1. I've always loved cross-stitching! My mom taught me how when I was very little and it's always been something I have enjoyed. I've never heard of a cross-stitch kit though! Please explain!

  2. OY can you believe it took me this long to realize i had a comment? (*slightly embarrassed by my lack of blogger-knowledge*) by cross-stitch kits i meant the ones contain cross-stitch patterns, fabric, and string all in one package, and you can buy them at almost any craft store. (I got mine through joann's fabrics) =)