Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Candy Wrapper" Purse made with fabric

(Left: Coca-Cola label purse, Right: Fabric purse)

Ever since I saw these purses made from candy wrappers and soda labels, I have resolved to make one of my own.  (Especially one out of coke labels, since you all know that I LOVE coca-cola =)  I remember making long chains out of folded starburst wrappers as a kid, and am excited that I can turn that into something useful!

However, I started to get impatient as I discovered just how long it was going to take me to save up enough soda labels.  So, while I continued to save soda labels, I made this purse using fabric pieces instead.  I thought that the candy wrapper folding and weaving would made a unique and fun little purse.

- 1 yard of fabric (more to make a larger purse--which I definitely will do next time)
- scrap paper cut into 4.25 x 0.25" strips
- iron
- zipper
- needle and thread

1. Cut fabric into rectangles 4.25 x 2"

2. Iron each piece of fabric along folds--fold each piece of fabric in half length-wise; open and fold each long edge to the center, and repeat for the width of the fabric.

3. Now refold each piece of fabric by placing a paper strip in the center of each piece.  The paper will hold the folds of the fabric in place.  Repeat for all pieces of fabric

4.  Once you have folded all pieces of fabric, begin making a chain by inserting two ends of one piece in between the center folds of a second piece.

5. Repeat, making four equal chains

6.  Connect the ends of each chain to make a complete circle by folding that last piece of fabric into the first piece.  Then, after aligning the chains together, use a large needle and sew the chains together through each corner.  (There is no need to sew through the fabric, just string the thread in between the chains--does that make sense?? =)

7. Last, sew the bottom of the purse by joining the chains at each corner and sew in a zipper at the top.

And that's all!  I can't wait now to make another one with coke labels.  I don't know when I'll make another fabric purse--since fabric is so much bulkier than the coke/candy labels, the purse ended up being very thick.  I would make it much larger next time--perhaps as some kind of tote? =)

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  1. What a brilliant idea - i love your fabric choice. i have made quite a few purses using crisp packets but thought fabric would be too heavy and not slip through - obviously not :-)