Friday, November 14, 2008

Stupid Knee

Dear Diary,

On Sunday I twisted my knee playing football! UGH! Yes, and it was the same knee that I tore 5 years ago. This week has been really frustrating--for the first half my knee was really swollen and I couldn't walk or drive. All the memories associated with the first time I tore my ACL just flooded back and it was so frustrating and I cried.

But I have no reason to be so sad because I have such a wonderful husband! Al drove me everywhere--even to class at night and to the doctor's office. He cooked dinner for me, and carried me around everywhere. And now my knee is getting better--I can walk on it and start moving it around thanks to physical therapy.

So this made me think of our marriage so far and all the things that make it special.

Here is one of my favorites:

On our honeymoon, Al and I are driving back to our hotel in Maui. I get the hiccups so I say, "I have the hiccups." A couple seconds of silence and then Al suddenly goes, "AHHH!" Which totally scares me and makes me scream and voila--hiccups are gone!

Some other things that Al likes to do:
- When I go to give him a hug when he comes home from work, Al will throw something in my face to distract me and run away.
- Same scenario as above except this time I chase him, and he tries to jump over the couch but trips and falls on his face
- He pretends to help me up out of bed and keeps pushing me back down.
- He'll give me a hug and then lean with all of his weight on me so then I have to push him back up to balance him. Not my favorite game--and usually we end up falling.

That's a good start for now--I will write about more games later that we play. Haha.

Now I'm in a great mood for the day!! =)

Happy Friday everyone!

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