Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time to Lose the Flub

During the past few months I have been very good at eating my feelings.  I was feeling really down about my knee and not being able to climb, wear jeans, or do anything fun.  So, I figured that until I could run again, I wasn't going to worry about my weight or anything--and delicious donuts, french fries, and hamburgers filled my tummy.  (and expanded my waistline!)

Well, now my doctor just told me that I can start running again!  yay!  well, only on a treadmill for now.  And with the start of the spring season, I can no longer hide behind big, bulky sweatshirts (that are actually bulky because of my bulge.)  So this week starts the week of working out and eating better--and hopefully it will all turn out ok!!!

ALSO exciting was that last Saturday, Al and I got 60 dollars worth of groceries for only 15 bucks!!  YAYYY for Harris Teeter!!! =)

Only a month and a half left for the semester!!!!  I can't wait til it's over!!!!! =)

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  1. i will also leave my pounds in the dust with you! i love you!