Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work out madness

Ugh, so my attempt to lose weight and get back into shape has now begun!  I like getting to work out again--my left leg definitely needs to build its muscle back up and I like working up a sweat at the gym.  The part that I DON'T like is cutting back calories!!!  but i think i've been pretty good about it--Al and I have been trying to keep track of our calorie intake everyday.  He, of course, is a lot better at sticking to it than I am.  I think I consumed too many calories today--I just feel like I am always in a constant state of hunger.  However, just yesterday I re-discovered popcorn and it has been much more satisfying to munch on that than on carrot sticks!!

So this has been going on for about a week and a half--my goal is to lose at least 5 pounds, but the weight isn't so much an issue as is the flab.  Good-bye donut/muffin top/love handles!!!  It will be motivating, I hope, to see some significant progress soon.

Hmmm if I starve myself all day long, can I just eat one meal at five guys?? =P

On another note, tomorrow will be the first time that al and I have to spend our nights apart!!!! =(  Al is going to go visit Chicago's law school from thursday to saturday.  I can't go because I have classes, so for once I will have our big bed all to myself!  It will be weird to think that he won't be there, but I won't think about it too much or else I'm already going to start crying!  With Al gone, it will be a lot harder to resist the urge to eat some feel-good foods.

ok well...i'm just stalling so that i can just go straight to bed instead of studying for an extra 15 minutes.  i need to stay motivated for just one more month!

hugs and kisses and cookies

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  1. don't fret, i'm sure al is thinking of you. :)