Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Beaded Tassel Wedding Favors

After learning how to make beaded tassels a little while ago, I've been looking for excuses to make them because they are so fun and sparkly!  The basic tassel is very easy to make, and you can make endless variations by changing bead colors, bead sizes, bead patterns, length of the tassel, etc.  A beaded tassel can instantly add a little sparkle to your wedding favors.

The How-To:
Materials: assorted beads, beading needles, and beading thread

Step 1: Thread your needle and make a thick knot at the end (it needs to be big enough that it won't slip through the bead).  String your desired bead pattern for one part of the tassel.

Step 2: Skip the last bead and thread the needle back up all the beads.

Step 3:  Pull thread through.  You now have one length of your tassel.  Be sure not to pull your thread too tightly, or else the bead will bunch up and not dangle in a straight line.

Step 4: Repeat the process (thread a length of beads, skip the last one, and thread back up the same beads) for as many lengths you want for your tassel.

Step 5: Thread the needle through your starting knot to bring the tassel together.  Thread through a number of beads (I use a large one and 10 seed beads) to make the top of the tassel.

Step 6: Thread the needle through the large bead, creating a loop at the top of the tassel.  Knot your thread and tuck in loose ends.

The loop at the top makes the tassel very versatile and easy to attach by sewing or stringing on a ribbon.  Here's two ways you can use beaded tassels on your wedding favors:

Beaded Tassel Wedding Favor Box
I was inspired by the tassel box favor by Martha Stewart Weddings.  I wrapped the favor box with a narrow strip of silver wrapping paper and a sheer blue ribbon.  Then I poked the top of the tassel through a hole punched through the top of the box.

Beaded Tassel Ribbon

You can also add beaded tassels to the ends of a ribbon that is tied around a favor bag or pouch.  Instead of making a loop at the top of the tassel, sew the tassel directly to the end of the ribbon:

String a large bead onto the ribbon to make the top of the tassel and to hide your stitches:

Have Fun!

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