Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Depressingly Healthy Lunch

Bleeechhhh.  Rabbit food.  Why is getting older so much harder on the body?  Well, I guess I only have myself to blame for post-marriage, post-injury weight gain, but I am not appreciating this slower metabolism!  I have actually been trying to eat healthier since my exercise ability has been severely limited.  I used to cling to my eat-whatever-you-want-just-work-out plan, but unfortunately that just doesn't work right now, so I've had to resort to dieting.  Results are slow, but there has already been some evidence that it is working!  YAY!

I guess if I was really really hard core, I would also not be eating the bread with my salad (don't worry, I didn't butter it!), but I don't think I'm ready to sacrifice all carbs just yet!

I just had to complain somewhere about eating salads.  And maybe brag, too.  Once it pays off.  =)

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