Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY White Vases from Recycled Bottles

I have wanted to make these vases for awhile, but couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to do them--Al has patiently put up with my collection of glass bottles as I experimented with creating these textured white vases.  Using just spray paint and puffy paint, you can turn your old glass bottles into fun vases.

Materials: glass bottles, spray paint, puffy paint, and a paint brush
Tip: Soak the glass bottles in warm water to help remove the labels.  If you are planning on making a completely textured vase, you don't need to be as meticulous in removing the adhesive since it will all be covered.

The Original Vase-- This is the idea I first saw, from which the other vase ideas came about.

1.  Spray paint the entire bottle with your desired color.  It is better to spray on layers rather than a thick coat to cover the glass.  If you spray the paint too thickly, the paint will run and you won't have a smooth surface.  Give each layer about 4 hours to dry before spraying on the next layer.

2.  Use puffy paint to paint on a dotted pattern.  Allow to dry, and you're done!

Vase Version 2:

 I wanted to create a texture over the whole vase, so I reversed the steps by applying puffy paint first, and then spray-painting the vase.  The pictures are pretty self explanatory: I used a brush to spread globs of puffy paint all over the glass bottle.  In the other two vases, I experimented with creating other effects such as rings around the vase and a scalloped pattern.

Simple wedding centerpieces: 
Line up rows of vases with a large bloom and you can have an economic and unique centerpiece for your reception:

Have fun!

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