Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Cupcake Craze Part 2 of 3: Cupcake Toppers

In addition to making fun cupcake wrappers, you can top your cupcakes with anything that stays glued to a toothpick.  Here, I've made flowered cupcake wrappers because I was running with my red poppy theme, but the basic topper is so simple you can make different shapes and signs to convey various themes and messages.

Cupcake Project #2: Red Poppy Toppers


  • red and black cardstock
  • toothpicks
  • glue (Elmer's is just fine)
  • paper punches (1 large and 1 small flower)

1. Punch flowers out of cardstock.  You will need two large red flower and one small black flower for each toothpick.

2. Glue small black flower onto the front of a large black flower.  (Maybe use less glue than I did...? =)

3. With a large dollop of glue, place a toothpick in between the two flowers and press lightly.

4.  Once the glue dries, insert toothpick into the top of your cupcake and you're done!

~ Be patient with the glue--let the topper lie flat until completely dry, or you risk parts of the topper shifting due to the power of gravity and wet glue
~ Be sanitary!  Since these will be inserted into edible goods, make sure your toothpicks are only handled on clean surfaces.  Consider using gloves and laying the toothpicks on separate parchment paper to dry.

So simple and fun, I can't wait to make different kinds of cupcake toppers!  Part 3 will feature an easy DIY cupcake stand with the plate that was the source of my inspiration. =)

Have fun! =)

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