Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wedding Cupcake Craze Part 3 of 3: DIY Cupcake Stand

Finally, the last installment of the Wedding Cupcake Craze is here!  After making delicious cupcakes, elegant wrappers, and cute toppers, showcase your cupcakes on a homemade cupcake stand!

As I mentioned before, I was inspired by a plastic plate that I saw at Target a few weeks ago--so that's why the red and black poppy theme is a little overdone here.  =)  There are a lot of ways you can make cupcakes stands--they range from disposable cardboard stands to permanent stands with interchangeable layers.  For this incredibly simple semi-permanent display, all you need is some hot glue, shot glasses, and plastic plates.

Materials: Two plastic plates--one slightly smaller than the other, two shot glasses (optional, filled with beads), and hot glue gun

Steps: Using hot glue, glue bottom of one shot glass to the center of larger plate.  Glue the top of the shot glass to the bottom of the smaller plate.  Optional: To create the effect of an vase running through the stand, glue another shot glass to the center of the smaller plate.

And that's it!

Have fun!

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