Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're Back!

To my one dear reader, I apologize for my absence the past month.  We have been so busy visiting family and traveling that I haven't had the time to update regularly.  Our cruise to Mexico was worth it, though!  Check out some of my favorite pics from Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta:

It started raining in Puerto Vallarta while we were out on the boat around Los Arcos.  I loved how the rain and the clouds made the landscape look so dramatic and romantic. =)

Be back soon with more DIYs!


  1. Your D-I-Y posts are great - and I've found them to be detailed in just the right way which I think is hard to find. You're a great teacher!

  2. I now realize that this post is a liiittle bit over 2 years old. But oh well!